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Ways to Exercise When Seniors Are Stuck Inside

The winter months make it harder for older adults to get outside and exercise the way they might during the warmer months. Many seniors choose walking as their favorite form of exercise, but that can be difficult to do in the winter when it’s cold and sidewalks are icy. So, what can your aging relative…

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What to Do When Seniors with Dementia Hoard Things

Claire’s mother, Louise, had been diagnosed with dementia a few years ago. One day, while cleaning Louise’s house, Claire discovered a drawer filled with old food and other items from around the house that seemed to have no meaning or particular value. Claire was astonished by the discovery and wondered what was going on. She…

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What Can Your Senior Do about Chronic Pain?

One of the biggest factors in quality of life for a senior family member could be whether she battles chronic pain or not. Pain is a tremendous drain on your senior’s physical and emotional resources. Helping her to manage it demands a multi-pronged approach. Talk to Her Doctor about a Plan Any time you’re dealing…

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Four Steps for Facing the Driving Talk

Senior Care in Mercerville NJ

If you’ve been dreading talking to your senior about driving, you’re not alone. Try these ideas. Try to Picture How She’s Feeling Before you do anything, take a few minutes and try to imagine how your senior is feeling about all of this. Chances are very high that she’s not feeling great about the idea…

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